From T-Shirt …….to Thermals and Down Jacket

Winter Returns…..


No it is not Christmas…..

But it does feel very wintery outside, and what a contrast to last week. We actually had a smattering of snow… but the ground is now too warm for it to linger.

It is true that we tend to associate Robins with Christmas….I guess, if it is not the most loved bird in Britain, it certainly is the one that is instantly recognised. For all its apparent charms it is a very aggressive bird guarding its territory fiercely against intruders.

I have mentioned changes in our climate over the autumn, winter and spring months and in particular the change that it seems to have brought about to our plants. In discussion with several Ornithological friends  it would seem that we have experienced similar changes to the usual pattern with our Bird population. We have still had the winter migrants taking up temporary residence, but they have not travelled as far south as usual, some suggest numbers are down.  Even rare visitors like Waxwings have only made the journey across the North Sea in small numbers.

As for our resident small birds they seem to have survived the winter well. In fact we all agreed that the Robin has become far more common than is usual and to our delight popping up just about everywhere.

A joy to see….even if we are wrapped up warm for winter again!

26th April

(C) David Oakes 2016