Moody Monday…. Island Link


Oban…..  One of Scotland ‘Road to the Isles‘ ends here  in Oban.  It is here where travellers exchange car and train for Ferry Boats.

I am old enough to remember the harbour packed with Scottish Fishing trawlers, jostling with the comings and goings of ferry boats linking the island.  A busy Railway that not only conveyed passengers but also offered that vital express link for the days catch to the cities further south.  Always busy…. Folk from the island’s, in town to for business, banking, medical and shopping needs.  Add a constant flow of visitors and it all made Oban a very, lively and vibrant town.

Times change….  but Oban is still a hub of activity, a place that does have an air of excitement and a feel of importance. It does of course still provides that vital daily link between mainland and Islands

Travelling, at home or work this Monday….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th March

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  1. What a beautiful view, I loved the colours of this one. The town is amazing. Thank you, Love, nia


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