A Very Rich September….

They say that Autumn provides the richest colours of the year but we are still enjoying a late summer and the colours are just as rich and deep.  Here are three colourful shots from our garden this morning.

Clematis are, like many other flowers, having a second flush of flowers…this time as the flowers fade and fall they leave behind an interesting little cup of stamens…


Rowans (or Mountain Ash) are also having a bumper year for berries, wax like bright reddish/orange glow richly against the dark green foliage…..


But there are a few ‘surprises’….here a loan Sedum flower that has self seeded has pushed its way up through the Hydrangea bush……


We still have all the colourful glow of autumn to come, so it may be wise to mentally store up these colourful memories to see us through the darker months of winter.

20th September

© David Oakes 2013

A very ominous sign….a Glove!

Those who have followed my blog over the past few winters will know of my attraction to gloves…or rather there attraction to me. 

For newer readers let me quickly explain.  It is not a fetish, it is just that over the autumn and winter months on my walks with the dogs we keep on finding gloves.  In fact if I had collected all that I found I could probably outfit a small town.  The only problem  is that they are ALL left handed gloves….and that has always been the puzzle; why left hand gloves and never the right hand?  The more I found the more the mystery deepens.

After a ‘glove free’ summer the first signs of autumn have been confirmed by my first glove of the new season…..and yes, its another left hander….


But there are also more natural signs that autumn is not that far away.  The Rowan Trees are full of berries, in fact a bumper crop this year…..


1th September

© David Oakes 2013

Late Summer Favourite……

Rosebay Willow Herb graces our hedgerows through the late summer, most definitely a flower to symbolise August.  Not loved by everyone but loved by bees and certainly one of my very favourite wildflowers.  They are getting past their best but still manage to add grace to the side of fields and against the hedges….


Past its best it may be but the petals glow and the seed bods glisten.  Soon the pods will burst and spread a web of a cotton like cloak…..

Jeans-Cam-Aug--05145_003But of course nature always has a purpose it what it does….these waspish cotton like threads are there to be caught in the wings of birds and swept along in the wind to spread the seeds far and wide.

The morning had indeed started blustery shaking berries of this young Rowan that has been struggling to find space to spread in the thick woodland…..


For those of you who think it is only flora that I feature from my morning walks, I though I ought to let you see a Owl that I managed to capture on camera.  This Tawny Owl has been perched on this stump patiently waiting for me to stalk him….not just for a few hours, or a week not even a month but possible for years…..finally his patience was rewarded and the image captured….


But on closer examination I reckon he is really a she, perhaps the young chicks hiding in her shadow are the clue!

May be one day I will get the real thing.

28th August

© David Oakes 2013