Last day of August ……. and no one is home


Autumn may well be a month away but our feathered friends are thinking ahead.  This last few days has seen a marked changed in both the number and variety of our garden birds….those seeking warmer climes for the winter have packed their bags and headed south.  No doubt it will not be long before our winter visitors start to arrive.  So it is time to open up the nest boxes and give them a clean out to await next springs arrivals.

31st August

© David Oakes 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge –Dialogue (Progress!?)


Disc One


Dialogue | The Daily Post//     This weeks Photo Challenge was to choose images that related to each other…have a common link may be talked to each other.  So here is my choice….Windmills. Windmills have been arround for centuries in various guises.  More often than not they were individual landmarks in the landscape.  Now they are in groups which we have named ‘farms’ to lessen the psychological impact of the numbers.  Vital we are told to our future, others think not….but whatever the answer the Windmill continues as part of our country landscape….that is they say called ‘Progress’.

30th August

© David Oakes 2014

Approaching Storm


The Lighthouse on the harbour mouth at Anstruther on the Firth of Forth, Scotland. A shot taken back in May when a lengthy sunny spell was about to be broken by a short sharp storm.  Originally this image was in colour but I always felt that it lacked the drama of the moment, the colour softened the harshness of what was heading our way.  So I hope you like the new interpretation…..for me it is much more in keeping with the mood.

29th August

© David Oakes 2014

Moody Woodland Morning


Even though the sun was bright it lacked that vibrant intensity we have become used to.  It was quite moody and mute, so I thought my subdued interpretation best matched the start to the morning.

It wasn’t long before it regained its strength, lighting both the shadow areas and the woodland canopy.  My favourite weather beaten and twisted Beech trees took on yet another character with their roots grasping the forest floor…..


Looking up into the canopy particularly amongst the Silver Birch and you are reminded that autumn is slowly approaching, the leaves are subtly change colour loosing the green glow and exchanging it for a yellow, a yellow that in a few weeks will become more mellow then drifting into shades of brown……..


The Sycamore leaves are also showing their age as the autumnal spots start to appear adding another dimension to their distinctive shape and pattern………


A moody and muted start but soon another glorious August Day….even if it does have the occasional indicator that Autumn will be along before we know it!…..


28th August

© David Oakes 2014