Wordless Wednesday…… A Favourite Place


Location:-  Sunset over Morecambe Bay and River Lune from Cockerham, Lancashire

( I am breaking the Wordless Wednesday rule with a few words.  After all the miserable dark days of late I thought something with hope would be good…after all a sunset is supposed to herald good weather ahead.  As for this favourite place, well its great at any time of day, at high or low tide, always changing and always the call of Seabirds and Waders.)

19th February

(C) David Oakes 2020

A Changing World….. or Freshly Brewed.


Namaskard, Iceland.

The earth is still being created…well in Iceland there are many places where you can witness the creation as you stand and watch.

This geothermal region is literarily alive… Mud pots, steam vents, boiling springs, fumaroles and sulphur deposits all around.  From mountain range to the plains below you can walk and explore….. you can virtually see into the core of the earth….but don’t breath in too deeply the Sulphur fumes are rather powerful.

Whilst many of us complain about our changing climate, exploring Iceland does make you realise that we do live on a fragile ever changing planet.

18th February

(C) David Oakes 2020


Mummy Can I go and Play on the Swings ?


Of course dear just so long as you put on your swimming costume….


Well that was a weekend to remember. Gales and very heavy rains. Flooding in most parts of the country, some very much worse than here.

The sun did pop out for brief look around, just long enough for Buster and I to have a walkies…. obviously muddy underfoot but at least w didn’t get wet. Not that we were going for a picnic, that would have been a problem….


Just up stream from here the River Derwent has overflowed its banks but here most of this flood water is from the sky. Taking a look at the weir here at Darley Abbey Mills there is still some headroom for the river but it is clear that the head waters will soon reach here and no doubt add to the floods…


It is also a good job that it isn’t the Cricket Season as there is no chance of play today….or for some time..



The forecast for the week does not sound good…. whilst Storm Dennis will leave us sometime Monday the remainder of the week looks decidedly wet.

17th February

(C) David Oakes 2020