The topic this week for the Photo Challenge is Fray. A word with many meanings but for me it always seems to head back to old, well used items from our past….what some folk call memorabilia!   This old Gardeners shed is typical, a glimpse into the real past lives, the ropes, tools, walls, clock and even the paintwork all are rather frayed but all the more attractive for that.  Just imagine all the hands over all the years that have toiled and sweated in their labours.

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22nd August

© David Oakes 2014


  1. Great find. I love exploring old sheds, basements, attics, and the like–but the ones to which I’m likely to have access are likely far younger than those that you’re able to find!


  2. Oh, I love this photo – just the sort I seek out, the old potting shed full of used tools and bits and bobs. Great post for the (difficult) challenge this week.
    Jude xx


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  4. Bravo. Your are correct. The word “fray”conjures up so many diverse interpretations. But your interpretation brings back pleasant memories of my grandgather’s tool shed. Thanks for sharing your work. 🙂


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