A Perfect September Morn….


All the talk of an encroaching Autumn seemed to come true this morning.  The light over the lake had a distinctly warm autumnal glow.  The morning light emphasising the leaves that have started to loose the green of summer….















Wild Campion and Willow Herb by the lakeside adds a highlight of red to the otherwise green and brown vegetation….


whilst in the more open countryside Balsam and Cow Parsley are now well into decline for this years…..



If Autumn is truly knocking on our door then I guess we should welcome it in…there could be no better September morning for just sitting and enjoying the mellow colours of the day……


2nd September

© David Oakes 2014

Flamboyant Chive Finale



Chives are one of our favourite Herbs.  They treat us to lots of lush green flavour  packed in  clumps from April onwards.  Every so often we treat them very harshly and chop them right down to ground level….but before you know it it they are back in full rich fresh growth once more.  The chop always comes before the Chives send up their flowers.  But come September we reckon they deserve to flourish and flower for once each year prior to  autumn and winter dieback….and what wonderful flowers they are, each bud swelling and bursting into lots of tiny stars. 

2nd September

© David Oakes 2014