Weekly Photo Challenge –Adventure (2)


Land Locked Adventurer

Not all our ‘adventures’ actually take place…many are within our minds, plans for another day or just pipe dreams…wishful thinking  ….. who knows ?

Many of these none adventures are reflected in our daily lives. The window sill in my office probably suggests a few adventures I may be dreaming of!  It is nice to dream……


8th September

© David Oakes 2014

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge –Adventure (2)

  1. A little idea 🙂 for your dreaming! I can see an empty glass bottle, you can fill it with sea shells and then you can fill with a blue water (it is detergant for clean the glass, you can find there too, I fill with it very slowly for not to make a foam and you can decide the tone of blue if it is so dark add only water, I mean mix with water..) I am sure you would like it… Love, nia


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