ARBROATH…..A Special Place in Scottish History


The Harbour at Arbroath

Post Card pretty the harbour at Arbroath is now a leisure marina….but for many centuries it was both a busy trading port and had its own substantial Fishing Fleet, now all that has all but gone.  Visitors to Arbroath taking a look behind this colourful frontage will find a town that has seen better days, and it shows.

In fact those better days go back an awful long way in Scotland’s History and a good deal of that history was centred around the Abbey.  Arbroath Abbey founded in 1128 was sponsored by King William the Lion.  It was here in the Abbey in 1320 that the “Declaration of Independence” was signed by the then Scottish Parliament.

Scotland goes to the Polls on the 18th September to vote on a Referendum to either stay in the U.K. or become a fully independent Country.  There can be no bigger issue, in modern history, for the people of Scotland to cast their votes.

I make no plea for the voters.  They have already been subject to a noisy and at times ill tempered debate, none of which I feel, has helped those unsure in their decision making.

But what I do hope is that whatever the outcome of the Referendum, that once proud places such as Arbroath and there are many such places, can be helped to once again provide the base for sound economic local communities.


Arbroath Abbey

14th September

(C) David Oakes 2014

6 thoughts on “ARBROATH…..A Special Place in Scottish History

  1. Beautiful photo, striking colors, and life affecting political issue. We are in the middle of a political season where we are voting for governors and senators. I know how much media coverage we are dealing with so I can remotely imagine what you are wading through. Here’s hoping you have a great turnout and the will of the people of Scotland prevails.


  2. Sofar it seems ‘to close to call’ according to the polls I saw on Andrew Marr s show. Even in my country one Province is eagerly looking at what’s going on in Scotland. Although Friesland, as it’s called, has no want of becoming a country, it does want more freedom to do what it thinks best for the people with regards to housing and benefits and most important: Care for people. The Frisian language has quite a lot of similarities with the Scottish Gealic.

    As for the U.S., Judy, I heard that Hillary has been working out to become fit for two years of campaigning. 😉


  3. By the way… Friesland is world famous for it’s black and white cows (Frisians) and it’s absolutely gorgious black horses…


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