Falling Leaves….


Autumn and the Equinox….sure signs that year progresses. Oak leaves do turn from green to gold but usually hang on to their trees through the winter to protect the new buds from the frosts. Obviously the twiglet above was not strong enough to reach the ravages of the winter to come.

We awoke to yet another bright sunny morning….but today there was a distinct change, the light much more yellow as it broached the horizon and filtered through the trees….a very different look and feel….

It wasn’t long before the colours we are now associating with September were dazzling us with there richness.

But it is still a trifle confusing. The autumn colours have yet to reach the trees of the more open countryside. The Oak is still full green whilst the Silver Birch is just start to yellow. The Ash Tree is as full and as green as if it was spring…yet come the first proper frost and all its leaves will drop overnight. The forecast is for frosts in the week ahead, if that comes about then we will have a bare skeleton till spring returns.

Silver Birch and Oak

Silver Birch and Oak

Ash Tree

Ash Tree


22nd September (c) David Oakes 2014

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