It is hard to believe that there are only TWO more days of September left to enjoy. WE are already being told that September has been the warmest on record (though the temperatures do plunge as night falls) and I also suspect that it will be the driest.  Though we did have some rain showers that conveniently fell overnight leaving bright blue skies, razor sharp horizons and even more sunshine to enjoy again.


September remains a month that appears at times visually confusing in the seasonal change time-table. Most of the woods are still dark and moody places, the sun not breaking through the canopy cover of leaves….ATW8

You can also be fooled into thinking that may be September is spring!  Yep the vibrant green sparkling in the early morning sun could fool you into thinking we have slipped back in time…..


In the more open woodlands there are those gentle signs that autumn is on the way, here the green is more muted and the golden and brown starts to show…but only in a mild way, mild just like September….

October may only be 2 days away…Oh! how the year has flown. For an even more sobering thought just click on this link to realise that time travel is here and now and with us…constantly moving faster…

28th September
(C) David Oakes 2014