Golden Welcome…….


A Golden Welcome

Daffodils make a warm welcoming entrance to the woods this morning. Deeper into the woods they have yet to enjoy the full warmth of the early spring sunshine.  Today there is just enough of a breeze to shake the trumpets that seem to be saying Hello!

Once into the woods the feeling that spring is on the way is all around, birds sing whilst the pine needles and decaying leaves crunch underfoot adding their zest to the aromas that are distinctively spring…

  Happy days….

30th March

(C) David Oakes 2016

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Alleys and Tracks (and others trails)

Disc One

Lavender Glow

I think this fits the bill for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge…a path to a Rose Arbour  made narrow by the Lavender border.

See what others have submitted on this link:

30th March

(C) David Oakes 2016

A Bright Day in the Woods…..


In the Shade of the Beech….and No it isn’t Autumn!

The colours in the woodland today could well be mistaken for late autumn, but no it is March 29th …nearly April.

The day did not get off to the most brilliant of starts, dark clouds suggested more of the rains we have had for a few days now, but to our surprise the sun was bold enough to break through the clouds and give us a warm Spring like day with dark shadows in the woods.

But the spring like clues were limited to the warmth from the sun that brought out that distinctive smell of Spring, that heady mix of decaying leaves from last year and new growth for the new season.  Not that you could detect much new growth apart that is from the green leaves of Bluebells breaking cover and a bid for daylight….so it cannot be long before we are graced with the blue carpets of flowers that really does tell us Spring is here.

There was even a glow to the Old Man of Calke….a very special and venerable tree that has by all accounts seen well over a 1000 springs….gnarled it might be but its tentacle like branches still reach for the stars..


May be it is now safe to say Good Bye to Winter

29th March

(C) David Oakes 2016