Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place

A Bonus Location….Kilmartin Glen.

Kilmartin Glen, Argyle, Scotland….

Over 350 Ancient Monuments of which 150 are pre-historic….all within a 6 mile radius of the village of Kilmartin.

11th May

(C) David Oakes 2016.

You can read more on The Hazel Tree Blog :- https://the-hazel-tree.com/2016/04/25/temple-wood-stone-circles-kilmartin-glen/

or Kilmartin Museum :- http://www.kilmartin.org/

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place

    • In truth the archaeology stretches even further than just the Kilmartin hotspot….down past Crinan and across the peninsula …..maybe some homework before you get there to refresh the memory…but if time is limited then Kilmartin is the place 🙂

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