Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

The West Front, Litchfield Cathedral, Staffordshire

You approach the Cathedral through narrow streets which open onto Cathedral Green….you stop and Look Up….everyone does.

Apart from the shear height of the 3 Spires (the central spire 252ft. the west towers 190ft.) the intricacy of the carved sandstone, Saints and geometric patterns, demands the attention of your eyes….far too much to take in at one glance.

Then you start to marvel at the realisation that this medieval Cathedral and every detail was  created by individual craftsmen, from architect, to stonemason, to the construction team that completed the task….remembering that this was constructed long before mechanisation, no scaffolding as we know it, no mongoose cranes, no lifts or JCB’s…..just sweat and tears and much pride in building they were creating.

You cannot do anything else but Look Up with admiration.  Just a suggestion for this weeks DP Photo Challenge.  Click this link to see what others have suggested :- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/look-up/

9th July

(C) David Oakes 2016

15 thoughts on “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

    • Thank you. It is a must see…..mind you we are lucky and have lots of majestic inspiring Cathedrals…..mind you we also have some great small churches that are rather unique. If you visit my blog tomorrow you will see just one of those….and well worth adding to any list.

    • It must have….all the more so when you look at many of the carvings and realise that they link more than one stone, then each stone lifted into position and it all fits perfectly. I recall reading in one Cathedral I visited that the task of sections of a wall was passed from generation to generation within a stonemasons family as it took more than one lifetime to complete

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