DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow



The narrow streets of an old English Market Town are made even narrower on Market Day.

I guess that qualifies as Narrow the topic of this weeks DP Photo Challenge

See what others have submitted for the challenge on:-  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/narrow/

30th July

(C) David Oakes 2016

5 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

    • I am not very good at Street photography…..I don’t have the pre-visualisation that seems to be needed. I just grab shots and hope they will work then reflect upon what I should have done 🙂 But great thanks to you for the compliment.

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      • I don’t have clue about Street photography and it doesn’t really float my boat but trying something out of your comfort zone is a good way to develop your own skillset – Interestingly I will have to be an event photographer mid August for my company as we signed up 3 Scottish football teams including Inverness CT who will be wearing our logo on their chest this season – so I have to get some publicity material as they are out and about fans homes giving football shirts away to young fans – so far out of my comfort zone I think I will be shooting on auto have ha ha


        • Should be fun …but also a little nervous. Takes me back to when I was a lad and worked for a couple of Newspapers and weekly Magazine. Social/event photography was par for the course, though I didn’t like it, much preferred to chase the news picture. I do recall my boss at the time being very encouraging and giving me the tricks, as he saw them, of the trade. His advice was make up your mind before or as soon as you can when you get to the event that you will either ‘get in close’ with a wide angle lens or ‘back off’ and use a longer lens to search out the key subjects….the later often better for being able to catch the more unguarded and natural spirit of the moment. Remember this was before zoom lens were invented (yes there was such a time)….but thinking about it it does make sense Good luck and have fun. 🙂

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