Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest


Quest  ….. A Unique Opportunity

A few years ago my Grandson Martin and I were invited to attend a rather unique event.  It was a Vintage Steam Boat Rally.  All the boats were replicas of larger craft and mostly built by the very proud owners.

Much to Martin’s surprise, Ian Cross the builder of this luxurious and very special Open Canadian Canoe with steam engine amidships, invited him to be skipper for the day.

So without hesitation and after a quick instructional,  Martin set of in flotilla convoy with about a dozen other Steam craft.



Martin has now progressed to faster forms of transport and is very much at home lashing arround a race track burning up petrol in a high powered car.

But we still enjoy reflecting on an equally exciting day, travelling at a much more graceful pace, stoking up a steam engine with another form of fossil fuel….coal.

A personal Quest and one for this Weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge.

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24th September

(C) David Oakes 2016

An Indian Equinox ……


Allestree Lake….

I think this is what is called an Indian Summer….the Autumn Equinox has just past yet we are still enjoying what by any standards is a  great spell of summer weather.  True, this morning did start with temperatures of 9c (that felt cold) but soon rose to a warm 19/20c……not bad for late September.

New life is still making the most of this warm spell to gather its strength for the winter ahead…


A young Black Headed Gull appears to stand guard over two young Coot’s and an even younger Moorhen…..there are even some more ducklings on the lake.

The Ash Tree in the Meadow is still in full and healthy leaf..


The Ash is for me an ‘indicator’ Tree.  The old Spring saying of “Ash before Oak and we are in for a Soak – Oak before the Ash we are in for a Splash” does seem to have some credability.  But one thing is much more of a certainty…the Ash will be the first to shed all its leaves and usually overnight!  As yet it still suggests summer is with us.

Talking of trees with a fine head of leaf, our venerable Furlong Oak, although weather beaten having endured many winters and rather skeleton like, is still able to sport a trim haircut. A future replacement is already challenging for honours…


Why Furlong Oak ? Well thats my name for the veteran. On old maps this tree is marked in one of a network of fields, this field was named Oak Furlong Meadow…simple!

Fruits are well formed on Cornus (both the Red and Green Cornus) and Hawthorn, whilst Rosebay Willowherb have turned to seed and the Balsam now wilting, yet still supply insects with nectar..

Warm and settled it appears but casting an eye across the wild meadow to the woodland beyond and you can clearly see that some hints of autumn’s colours are starting to form


The weather and seasons will have their own final say as to when the real change will occur.  Meantime I am fully enjoying this Indian Summer style Equinox

24th September

(C) David Oakes 2016