Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia


Harvest Time…

The end of summer and the harvest if not already in, is near completion. The orchard and hedgerows give up their seasonal bounty and many a kitchen carry the aroma of jam making and baking.

Nostalgic scenes and nostalgic smells to re-awaken the senses.

Just an idea for the weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge topic of Nostalgia.

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30th September

(C) David Oakes 2016

6 thoughts on “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

  1. Smellovision… ooww yes please? This is the Cornucopia of the September harvest. The second harvest for Pagans. The third and last one is 1 November. Also the Celtic New Year. After that we enter the Quiet time. When you walk in a park, or in the woods, it’s very quiet. With proper November weather, rains, sleat, hail, strong winds and cold temperature one would think everything dies off. It doesn’t. Put a spade into the soil en bring it up and see the worms and many other little insects being very busy. For now… forecast for next week here in 18º, not much wind, dry and sunny. It doesn’t stop… What are we in for in October? 😉


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