You could say….Hard Cheese!


Cheddar Gorge

The area of Somerset know as Cheddar is famous for its Cheese and for me a rich mature Cheddar takes some beating. But Cheddar is also famous for its Gorge and Show Caves and is well and truly on the Tourist Trail.


It is over two decades since we last visited…from where we once lived it was a short afternoons ride for a cream tea and a walk down (or up) between the limestone cliffs that create the Gorge.  But time (and maybe memory) has not served the Gorge that well, at least, in my opinion.

Whist nothing but time and weather can change the drama and natural beauty of the Gorge the same cannot be said for parts of Cheddar village at the base of the Gorge.  Lets just say its cheap, tacky and rather uncared for…not to mind creating any welcoming impression for visitors….. listening to comments from overseas visitors it was a view they shared. True one or two traders do make an effort  and the Show Caves a worthy attraction…..but as a tourist community it could do to exercise some basic care.


 I hope the years ahead see some much needed improvement as Cheddar Gorge is really worthwhile exploring…and if you have the legs for it walking bottom to top and back again  (you can of course drive, still exciting…but that’s cheating)


5th July

(C) David Oakes 2018

Cheddar Gorge