Slowly Catching Up……..


Storm Clouds Reine

Reine, Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway

It is nearly two months since we returned from our cruise to Northern Norway.  The weather was un-believably fabulous….so lots of pics of great scenery.  Two months seems a long time, but it is taking a time to sort all the images, I was trigger happy.  Very slowly I am getting there.  Trouble is it does take much long when you pause to recall a particular day or special location.  Many great memories.

As we left our last port of call the weather changed and storm clouds gathered.  But our Captain did make a slight detour to let us have a glimpse of Reine (population 350) that lies beneath the Reinebringen range of mountains.

Out of reach on this day and with the change in the weather perhaps just as well….. BUT there is a another name entered in to a go to list of locations.


14th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

Cees Black & White Photo Challenge – Animals and Pets


Who’s a Beautiful Girl then  …?

Well you are not the only one with BIG Horns…in fact mine are bigger than yours…


and if I had a Hair Cut you could find me much more appealing….


But what about my Curves, now that it was I call a horn…..


OK you Guys and Girls just step aside for the Monarch of The Glen…

Just take a look at my Antlers…now ain’t they something…..


A light hearted look at this weeks B&W Challenge from Cee.  The link to her blog is here:-


13th  December

(C) David Oakes 2019

As good as it got…….

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Beauty in Leaves…even when they are saying goodbye

A bright start but in reality just a brief splash ….. after that the only splashes were of rain and very heavy rain at that.  Yesterday the river was already high and this rain is heavy enough to create some more floods.

I do hope it isn’t going to be Friday 13th curse for those still recovering from the last floods.

13th December

(C) David Oakes 2019


After the Monsoon….. Autumn returns


That Autumnal Look

The storms have passed, well for the time being.  I also admit that we escaped the very worst. It was only yesterday that we had torrential rain and high winds.  Today we are back to sunshine and autumnal colours…. though it does look distinctively as if winter is knocking at the door.

The rains were heavy enough to raise the levels of the River Derwent once again, not yet flood level but getting there.  The Weeping Willow is weeping and wetting its branches in the dark fast flowing flood water of the Derwent….


Warming early morning sun found us wandering down the lane and thru the old village a pleasant start before heading down to the meadows and riverside….


 Winter may be approaching at a pace but it still ain’t bad to be out and about

12th December

(C) David Oakes 2019