Silent Sunday……So Off to Church


Bolton Abbey, Wharfedale, North Yorkshire

The River Wharfe flows, sometimes fast and other times in a more tranquil mood, past Bolton Abbey as it has done for centuries past.

The proper name for these ruins is actually Bolton Priory.  Built in the 12th century it was a wealthy Augustinian Monastery that prospered.  It had a large number of Lay Brothers who were responsible for the Priories farming interests, mainly Sheep and Cheese.

Like the majority of Monasteries it fell into disuse on the orders of Henry VIII and his Dissolution of the Monasteries Laws of 1539.

It may be a ruin…but its a rather fine ruin in an even finer location.

Very busy in the main tourist season….. but quiet and peaceful times are still possible.  Winter is just perfect. It is also a great start and finishing point for a country walk through Wharfedale

23rd December

(C) David Oakes 2018