Another Heavenly Offering….


Another Sound of Mull Sunset.

On Sunday I posted a ‘Silent Sunday’ image of the descending sun over Mull after what had been a rather dramatic September rainstorm. ( a link is here:-

Not long after the sky was relatively mild and bland. But the story continues.

As many of you know, or will have heard, the weather in Scotland, particularly round the Western Isle is rather fickle and changes as its mood takes it.  Blink and you can miss it!

The image above was shot about 90 minutes after the image mentioned above.  The sun’s arch had swung round more to the north, cloud started to build from the horizon and we got one more dramatic sunset. You would also be right in thinking those clouds to the left looked threatening and indeed they were….for once again Scotland and the Islands delivered us another deluge. Next day the drama had gone, all was peaceful and we appeared to be in another world.

8th January

(C) David Oakes 2019

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