Space…… we are up there


In the week we remember the Apollo  11 journey to the moon we often forget that we are still up there in space.

As the sun went down I got a brief ‘sparkling‘ reminder that somewhere up there the International Manned Space Station is Orbiting our world.

Look carefully in the upper left quarter and you can just see a bright spot catching the last of our suns rays (no it is not a dust spot)… in truth I didn’t know it was in the shot till I downloaded the image.

The following evening after what had been a cloudy day the sky cleared and there was the moon….and once again its reflected light caught the Space Station.


I am not sure we really appreciated how basic the science and technology was behind those moon landings, yet they set us on the way to all the advances we take for granted today. True moon landings had a short lifespan, but we have gone on to develop Mobile Cell Phones, Robotics in every aspect of our lives, Computer and Digitisation techniques we use everyday, all way beyond what we ever imagined let alone thought possible. Now we have Renewable Energy and perhaps above all a better understanding on just how fragile and small our World is.

Somehow when that famous quote ” one small step for man…one giant leap for mankind” was made, I don’t think we realise just how big that leap would be.

Not sure returning to the moon is wise, after all we have been making a mess of this world so why damage the moon, it far too valuable for its daily influence on our tides and weather….. and definitely not allow it to become a glamour project for Trump.

16th July

(C) David Oakes 2019