Remembrance Sunday….and this is where I chose to stand at 11am…not a bad place to stand and think how lucky we are and just how different it could all have been.

Thank You

10th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

8 thoughts on “Remembering…..

  1. A great spot to remember. I shared a quiet field with 8 horses. We all faced the same direction, and they dutifully remained still and silent for the 2 minutes, after which they stretched and shuffled. Most uncanny.
    About 8 million horses died in WW1 and 750,000 in WW2!

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  2. Interestingly I had my first experience of the anti poppy brigade recently where the Republican right wing faction seen the poppy as our lie. Free speech and all that, but first experience non the less.


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