Life is Full of Ups …… and Downs


If only life was as easy as a staircase…… just two choices – up or down depending where you are standing.   Today there seems to be so many ups and downs in our world, many of them not of our own making.

There are the vagaries of the weather, weather that seems to bring greater extremes.  Health scares and the pressures on those Services that are there to help us. Economic pressures brought on by Financial experts who are supposed to  know how to manage the economy.  Politicians who have self interest ahead of the interests of those who they are supposed to represent.  Racial and Religious ill will to others. Then we have man made turmoil in the form of conflict were the biggest loss is to innocent families who’s only failure is to be living in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then on top  of all that we each have our own ups and downs coping as best we can to navigate the extremes, extremes over which we have little control or influence.

Yep, life is all about those ups and downs.


Just keep climbing upwards, help others on the way and try and avoid too many downs

5th March

(C) David Oakes 2020

13 thoughts on “Life is Full of Ups …… and Downs

  1. Wise words David. I am dealing with two close friends with very poor health. It can be hard to remain positive. Take care 🙂


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