Silent Sunday……. Doves for Peace


8000 White Paper “Peace Doves” have been used to create an a very different Art Installation at Derby Cathedral. It is the work of Artist and Sculptor Peter Walker.  The installation is on tour of the UK and on display here, above the Nave of Derby Cathedral, till the 12th June.



It has been an interactive display and messages of Peace have been added by School Children and other community groups, all part of Derby Cathedrals Community Initiatives

Just as a footnote.  The Doves really are white, the purple colour is from the backlights. I also believe at some of the larger Cathedrals there have been up to 18000 Doves.  It is a very different art installation, concept great and very evocative, the number of Doves can be overpowering ….. but a very appropriate statement for our current World problems.

As always……  This Sunday and everyday…….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

22nd May

(C) David Oakes 2022

9 thoughts on “Silent Sunday……. Doves for Peace

    1. I am not sure the coloured lighting helped. Maybe its the location, Derby Cathedral is modern and light. I have seen pics of the Doves in the older cathedrals… they tend to be higher and dark stone… so may be the lights help and dont appear as intense. Despite that still an evocative instalation.

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