A Garden made with Love… for Love


The Dorothy Clive Gardens, Staffordshire 

Colonel Harry Clive and his wife Dorothy lived in large house with extensive grounds, much of which were unkept. A hillside was once a gravel quarry, overgrown and surrounded by trees and covered in brambles. Dorothy became unwell and was unable to travel far from home,…. but took pleasure from exploring the grounds.

Thus began a labour of love by the Colonel to create a garden of colour and variety for all seasons and to be named “The Dorothy Clive Gardens”… a safe place for Dorothy to explore.


Much of the Wooded Hillside is home to a collection of Rhododendron and Azealia and now, in late spring is a mass of colours. Pathways and take you up through the woods, past glens and waterfalls… you could be miles from civilisation it is so peaceful….

Spring is when the edges of the woods spring into life. Bluebells are fading but are being replaced by wildflowers. Together with the many mature trees and the occasional sculpture they add to the woodland walk.

There is lots more to explore.  Wide grass walkways edged with herbaceous plants. At the moment Allium rein supreme with Iris waiting in the wings, before the colour of summer explodes… even a Laburnum Walkway…  plus a newly created RHS Glass House where exotics are being reared


After all that exploring, maybe a Cream Tea is in order and maybe even buy a plant from the garden for your garden…

I hope you have enjoyed another afternoon walk in a Spring garden with us…. but time for home with lots of ideas and memories…


In the garden or out and about…. busy at work or away on a break….. as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

30th May

(C) David Oakes 2023