Mummy Can I go and Play on the Swings ?


Of course dear just so long as you put on your swimming costume….


Well that was a weekend to remember. Gales and very heavy rains. Flooding in most parts of the country, some very much worse than here.

The sun did pop out for brief look around, just long enough for Buster and I to have a walkies…. obviously muddy underfoot but at least w didn’t get wet. Not that we were going for a picnic, that would have been a problem….


Just up stream from here the River Derwent has overflowed its banks but here most of this flood water is from the sky. Taking a look at the weir here at Darley Abbey Mills there is still some headroom for the river but it is clear that the head waters will soon reach here and no doubt add to the floods…


It is also a good job that it isn’t the Cricket Season as there is no chance of play today….or for some time..



The forecast for the week does not sound good…. whilst Storm Dennis will leave us sometime Monday the remainder of the week looks decidedly wet.

17th February

(C) David Oakes 2020

Canal Side Art…….


Many years ago I stumbled across this display of canal side art. Created of course to appeal to those creative interior and garden design folk anxious to create colourful and dimensional statements.  They are loosely based upon the art styles used on the old Narrowboats, not authentic as narrowboat art has its very own style.  The Artist (if I recall correctly was called Helen Underhill)  and had her Studio based next to the Staffs and Worcester Canal at Stourport.  The Studio was and old Lock side cottage dated 1853.


Apart from , lets call it Tourist Art, she also sold traditional accessories for todays narrowboat owners.  Not sure after all these years that the Studio is still open….. but Narrowboats will still pass through these locks….


15th February

(David Oakes 2020

Saint Valentines Day…..No Red Roses here!


_DSC1939qqqq copy1

Well not the traditional Valentine Red Roses…. but some rather colourful Hellebores (also known as Christmas Roses)….. a small selection from our garden.

Not that Valentine Greetings are anything new…here is a Victorian Valentine Card.


Though I have to say that the intentions of this devilish fellow are probably far from honourable.

14th February

(C) David Oakes 2020