All Things Bright and Beautiful


Monday woke us early with some gorgeous sunshine…. cold but yep, sunny. The forecast is not too good so without much delay we headed of to some South Derbyshire woods to make the most of another bonus morning of sunshine.

The many colours of autumn are starting to show but they are still fighting the greens. So for the moment the woodland is a cheque board of colours…


Long shadows and a low sun added to the mornings magic, a magic that others also had decided to enjoy….after all with the current bad weather forecast this may be the last good day for awhile


I was also on the hunt for the Red Deer.  Maybe it is  because of the recent unusually warm weather but in these deer woods the Red have not yet Rutted (the Fallow Rutted a couple of weeks ago).  They proved to be elusive and a close shot was not possible…just a glimpse as one stag headed off over the horizon….


and it was true ..All things were Bright and Beautiful


8th November

(C) David Oakes 2016

9 thoughts on “All Things Bright and Beautiful

      • Maybe not your best shots, but they brought me straight away into the woods. Could almost smell the earthy smell of Autumn. Wonderful photos for a mere amateur like me. We had our first proper frost and therefore salt on the roads for the first time this season. But, the cold is done. It’ll be warmer again. With more wind and, of course, more rain. 😀


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