DP Weekly Photo Challenge -Time of Year


I hate to say it….but it is that time of year again…

Daily Post suggested the Time of Year for this weeks Photo challenge and love it or hate it Christmas and its preparations are here and now. But for the shop above it is Christmas all year round….this image was taken in June!!!

As I say.. Love or hate, Christmas is on the way again.

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27th November

(C) David Oakes 2016

7 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge -Time of Year

  1. My local favourite radio station has played nothing but Christmas-related mucic since the end of October.
    I’m getting fed up og have switched the darned thing off untill mid-January. Then I intend to give them a new chance. Fortunately I have something like 10 000 tracks transferred to my PC and have my own kind of Christmas free radio station at will. It’s like a public pollution spreading into just about anything.


    • I have to admit that last year our main Radio channels moderated there output of Christmas music….one major not playing until the week before Christmas. Even our stores seem to have held …possibly because the scam that is know as Black Friday has taken on so much of their time. Christmas spirit without the hype please 🙂


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