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Evening light at Castlerigg Stone Circle, above Keswick, Cumbria

This megalithic Stone Circle is probably Neolithic which dates it to 3000bc.  Like many similar stone structures its true purpose may never be know and always subject to challenge.  One thing cannot be challenged and that is the Circles importance not just to Neolithic man but to many generations that followed.

It use could be social, religious, ritual, a bringer of a means to measure the passing of the seasons and solstice’s.  The main marker stones accurately aliened with the cyclical movements of sun and moon…..it brought order to a world that was establishing itself.

As a ‘time piece’ it was vital, for there was great dependence upon what could be harvested.  Knowing when to prepare the land, plant and when to reap was what life very much depended upon…..it was a time piece as vital as todays clocks and calendars….the very symbols of  bringers of order in todays life.

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9th June

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  2. From a very WET country: Good morning David. Beautiful colours in your photo. Warm but I bet is wasn’t that warm as I think it was made in winter. 🙂
    I took a peek in the Pingback and saw the black&White photo from Wassenaar. Beautiful park in a municipality that’s mainly meant for the super rich. Our King lives there as well in Villa Eikenhorst (Oak Horst with Horst meaning estate with a house on it). Horst is a very old world in our language.
    Although I like the neat lines of trees, I prefer the stone circle. 🙂


  3. Stunning photo David – the light is sumptuous. I haven’t been there for years, but I am planning a trip soon and to visit it’s neighbour Swinside. Last time I was at Castlerigg I unfortunately picked the wrong time – a coach party of bored American school kids was there complete with a loud transistor radio. Completely spoiled the atmosphere and difficult to take any photos as some were sat on the stones chewing gum. I waited an hour but I think they were there for the day and I went home frustrated. When I go again it will be very early in the morning 🙂


    • The early morning light is also a great time….much preferred by many who shoot at this location. Maybe I am the odd one out but I prefer the evening light as it catches the mountains better to my mind and the number of angles you can shoot seems greater. Just my thoughts 🙂

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