DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure


Shadows on the Wall…..

Built I guess in the 1700’s this is a tribute to the bricklayers craft that it is still very much intact.  Wooden beam over the lower doorway, uneven steps whilst flaking paintwork on the upper door and shutters add to the detail of the structure…even the shadows from a late evening sun add another dimension.

Just my take on this weeks DP Photo Challenge – Structure….I hope you like

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31st August

(C) David Oakes 2017

10 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure

  1. They certainly built them to last! No structures in Australia that old, we do lack in the history that Britain has 🙂


    • Not sure longevity was their principle aim…. they were proud of their craft be it bricklayer, carpenter or blacksmith and the quality of the materials. Built well and expected them to last for ever. Not like so many of todays buildings constructed on utilitarian principles and certainly not built to last (we should be ashamed of ourselves)

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