DP. Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

Disc One

The Old Man of Stoer, Western Highlands

Can you spot the climber in red ascending the Sea Stack known as the Old Man of Stoer?


Youlgreave, Derbyshire

Or perhaps a more leisurely ascent would be to you liking, climbing amongst the Geraniums to this Derbyshire Cottage Door.


The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

The winding ascent by  narrow road to the summit pass of the Quiraing may be more to taste

Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders  

Exploring upwards in the skeleton of an old Abbey gives a new perspective on these ancient ruins…and allows you to admire the skill and daring of those early stone masons.


The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Nor should you be fooled by this garden….it is in fact the roof top garden created above a part of the famous Hermitage Art Galleries…to explore you do need to ascend.

Just a few suggestions that I hope add some variety to the interpretation of ASCEND the topic for this weeks Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

You can see what others have suggested on the link below:-



15th December

(C) David Oakes 2017

16 thoughts on “DP. Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

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  2. You were miliseconds from being deleted before I read anything else.-
    You caption DP Weekly resembles very close an ever appearing SPAM from US trying to spread different news items from US papers – og no interest to me at all. But fortunately I was a bit slow on my tgrigger this morning! 🙂


  3. I see immediately that the mail comes from David: “DAVID OAKES IMMAGES – An occasional Photographic Diary” This one never ends up in the spambox. 😀

    Great photos again. Skye keeps being number 1 for me. 🙂


  4. Beautiful captures! I traveled to Scotland for the first time in June. You’ve shared some places that I had originally hoped to make it to see and the photos make me anxious to return.
    I was there to trace some ancestry so we stayed mostly in the Glasgow and Edinburgh region. However, my mother is already asking when we are returning and her dream is to see the Highlands this time. I’d love to eventually make it to the borders as well since her surname of Scott originates in the borderland and also I find abbeys to be stunning.

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    • Scotland is a country of 3 parts (in my view). The Borders, the Central Belt, then the Highlands. Each really demands there own time allocation as in each area there is so much to see and do. So I guess that’s three holidays your are going to have to plan….enjoy 🙂

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