DP. Weekly Photo Challenge – GROWTH


The Old Man….. Over 1000 years old 

This weeks Photo Challenge is Growth so I guess first choice would be new growth, new life. So I have moved to the opposite end of the spectrum and focused on one of my favourite trees…an Oak tree over 1000 years old.

The broad trunk of the Oak looks solid enough to last another 1000 years but reality is that the Oak beetle has eaten away the interior which is now hollow leaving just the outer circle.

The tree is located in an old Deer Park and has a number of other Oak trees of a similar age for company. Ravished by time, weather and no doubt man this rugged trunk seems to me to be full of feeling.

As for growth.…well there still seems plenty of life left in the Old Oak yet.  Each Spring I am always keen to see the new leaves appear and then fill out to give it a fine head and followed in the autumn with a crop Acorns. That said, each winter must bring it new challenges from the weather but it also the best time of the year to admire that majestic trunk….you can but wonder what tales it could tell.

DOI_9587-nxd-bb    Long may it continue to Grow.

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5th January

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13 thoughts on “DP. Weekly Photo Challenge – GROWTH

      • He is a magnificent Old Man. By just being who he is, he commands respect and wonder and cheer when he shows he very much alive.
        It’s doing me good as yesterday we brought a good friend of the Tenants Committee to his cremation. Weathered like this oak tree but only 75 he was felled by massive stroke. Quite sudden for us but we were in time to say our goodbyes. I am so pleased you thought of this photo today. Thank you.

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  2. Wonderful old man – oaks are my favorites of all trees in Sweden. They have so much of soul and mystery…so much wisdom inside, and their whole appearance tells you about it.

  3. If this was in LA it would have been torn down years ago and a condo built in its place! Beautiful sculpture from Mother Nature!

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