Never Satisfied….. Its HOT!


In the Shade….

After all the wet , cold and windy weather this mini spring heatwave has taken us all by surprise……OK the forecasters predicted it but who these days believes them.

Its been nice to wear summer shirts and shorts….but at times it has also be nice to find some shade.

8th May

(C) David Oakes 2018


6 thoughts on “Never Satisfied….. Its HOT!

  1. I recognize the feeling! Yesterday we had 30 C in the sun and I had to go inside!!! Today the forecast reads 25 C in the shadows (which would imply somethjing like 35C in the sun! I’m prepared!

  2. It’s not that extreme overhere. But today we may see 28º in the South of the country. Where we meet with Germany and Belgium. Overhere it will be 25-26º which is too much of a good thing for me. Been out yesterday, armed with a tube of sun protection factor 50. In summer I am using a real sun block.
    I prefer temperaturen between 18 and max. 23º. Bit of light breeze, now and then a friendly little cloud and rain during the night. Oh well… good thing we still cannot dictate the weather. Well, Global Warming not included. 🙂
    Better stay indoors Seenorway. Will be hot as well, but it is better I’ve been told.

    • I know some folk don’t like the heat…but the sun is rather nice to see and to watch it bringing out the flowers. After the awfully wet, windy and cold winter we all appeared to dislike so much it does seem churlish to complain about the current (and no doubt short lived) hot sunny spell 🙂

      • Undoubtedly, David. It’s magnificent this abundance of colours, smells and very early the distant chorus of the morning birds. I head the cuckoo at 4:30 this morning when I opened my balcony doors. Just the one in the distance. Thet are always quite a distance away when you hear them. The first flights f the day for the geese on their way to where they feed and the discussions between them.
        It’s only human to complain about the cold and the wet days and now the heat. Seems it’s never good. But we, frail beings was we are, need to compensate and adjust to new things like this again. 😀 And we will.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful not to wear a winter coat???? I know what you mean, it seemed to go from winter, to 80 degrees. We didn’t have spring. Lovely photograph.

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