All Sound at Plymouth…..


Plymouth Hoe, Devon

On our recent travels we spent some time in Devon overlooking Plymouth Sound. Plymouth Hoe’s famous landmark was clearly visible and had to be seen up-close. From where we were staying there was a local Ferry service that for £3 (two adults, one dog inclusive) would take us across the Sound  right into the heart of Old Plymouth, to the Barbican.

Sir Frances Drake (who famously played bowls as enemy warships approached) also has pride of place on the Hoe, gazing down across the sound to the English Chanel…


Not to sure what Drake would have thought of the current Brexit debacle….probably suggested we all play bowls!

Plymouth was and still is an important Seaport, Fishing Port and of course a Royal Naval Base and Shipyard.. But it is  the old harbour that most tourists are attracted. The Fish Docks are in one small area the rest of the harbour now a modern Yacht Marina that seems to be bursting at the seams. But the old town still has character and as a Naval town a good number of pubs.  Also very appropriate are several memorials to those from the Armed Forces who have left Plymouth for conflicts overseas never to return, and to those who defended Plymouth’s strategic assets and its people when under attack in recent wars.



It was from Plymouth in 1620 that The Mayflower and the famous Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America. ….(no doubt Trump would have refused them entry if he had been around)


It was from these very steps that the Pilgrims embarked upon there epic journey.  The City plan to refurbish this historic site in readiness for commemoration celebrations in September 2020.


Plymouth is full of hustle and bustle, an active Military centre and a Tourist destination all blending with its historic surround apparently rather seamlessly. Busy it certainly is but Plymouth Sound is also surrounded by a quiet and rugged coastline where one can get away for some peaceful surrounds and maybe play in a rockpool full of crabs, shrimps and those mesmerising tentacles of seaweed…

As the sun goes down the headland above provides expansive views over the Sound a natural Harbour that has proved secure for many centuries..


26th July

(C) David Oakes 2018