……And Another Sunny Day


A few spots of rain overnight, yes that’s right ‘rain’ but if you slept well you would never have known.

A little cooler today but still nice and sunny.

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2018

16 thoughts on “……And Another Sunny Day

  1. Whatr happened to the rain? We were really looking for it today, but the sun is shining brightly in the sky!
    Not quite as hot as yesterday, though –

    • 5.30pm…..rain just started heavy but not torrential as promised. But, popped over to my daughter who lives just over away and its been raining there for over an hour and much heavier than here. Temperature now 15c. the upside is that I will not have to water the plants this evening 🙂

      • They have waorned us about a ‘¨heavy downpoor’ today, but this morning it started to rain . . .
        And it lasted exactly 15 seconds and left about 20 drops all together on our terrace floor. The rest of the day the sun has been shining like it has before! Bah!

          • Sort of the same here. Torrential rains are the kind we don’t want. We need 200 days of moderate rainfall to get even again. But the torrential rains this morning kind-a blew over. Just by a mile or zo. I could see it pass by. We did get some. After that thet outside temperature dropped a lot. Lovely but inside the building it’s still 30º because of the bricks and concrete that are so warm that they function like a storage heater now. Indoors it will not cool down as long as the sun keeps shining all day. Which is did today and will do most of next week. That darned HIGH over Scandinavia really needs to shift soon now.
            As for the potplants on the balcony… I watered them again. The bit of rain we received wasn’t enough. The wind is trong and it broke two of the three flowerstalks of my onions. I treaten them as a broken leg. Two sticks and a bandage. That works, even in this wind. Hopefully the flowers will still come out.

  2. Lovely colours!
    We were awoken at 5 this morning by rain and very strong winds. Looks as if more rain is coming imminently – plus a rather more substantial amount tomorrow. Hope it comes your way!

  3. Lovely picture and lucky you with the rain. Over 30 with maximum 34.5 5 days in a row. More than 100 wild fires. When will this stop?

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