A November Sunset…..


Sunset over the River Lune, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire

I was digging through the archives, for this time, in past years.  One of the images I came across was taken at the end of November in 2004. Doesn’t seem that long ago but in many ways its a life time ago. One way of looking at it is that in 2004 I was still shooting mainly on film and ‘trying out’ digital image making. This shot was taken on my first Nikon DSLR a D100. I didn’t take much convincing that it was the way ahead.

As for Social Media….never head of it.

A great deal has changed since then.

23rd November

(C) David Oakes 2018

5 thoughts on “A November Sunset…..

  1. With a camera, (or with a good observation) you know the differences of the sun/sunrise and sunset time… I mean Aumtumn sunset or September or as you captured, November sunset… The softness hits into the sunset colours…. Dear David, before photography I didn’t look and watch like todays… This post and photograph made me to think this, I am talking about years… Anyway, this is so beautiful photograph as always, Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

    • You are right, sunsets do change with the seasons. Here in the northern hemisphere that change becomes more marked as the days get shorter and the angle of sun gets lower and moves more to the south than west. Also in autumn/winter the air is usually more moist and prone to mist which just adds another filter to the suns rays….it is all rather marvellous to watch it all evolve and all rather magical…..the best free show on earth 🙂 Love D

    • The D100 was the first serious DSLR I bought. But I woke up to the benefits of digital before then. I bought my wife a small pocket Nikon Digital. My Granddaughter had a birthday party and I took some pics with it of her cutting the cake with friends. Whilst they had fun I went and printed some pics off and when the kids were collected by their parents gave them a pic of their kids at the party. Instant pictures was a novelty and to see their surprise then pleasure and hear the comments made me realise that digital had to be the way ahead. I bought the D100 as it was a lower cost that the so called Pro DSLR cameras, partly because I was still unsure but also most of the quality magazines and calendar companies I worked with were still insisting on medium format images, they even turning there noses up at 35mm. The change of mindset was swift, not lead by photographers but more by the repro/production staff of the publications :-).

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