Moody Monday….A Rescue Mission



A day of storms…high winds nearing Gale force….the only casualty in our garden is the last remaining Rose Bud.  The stem got broken so a rescue was called for.  Battered and weather beaten but hopefully, now that it is in from the cold, there will still be a bloom.


10th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

4 thoughts on “Moody Monday….A Rescue Mission

  1. Hope your kitchen window isn’t too warm. From the cold outside into the house (20º?) is quite a big step. My mother used to rescue late bloomers as she called them. They were always brought to the sickbay, the guestroom on the first floor where the temperatures were at about 12-15º depending on the temprature outside but never lower than 10º. Often it worked. So I hope your Rescue Rose will thank you with a lovely bloom.


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