Silent Sunday…. So Off to Church


Wells Cathedral

It is nearly the end of the year so I guess like many folk I have started looking back and recalling all the good times (and some not so good) over 2018.

So to complete my year of Silent Sundays I thought that I would share again one of the ‘Church’s’ …  well a Cathedral really, that left the most lasting impression over the year for me.

Built between 1175 and 1490 it is a dramatic piece of Religious Architecture both within the Cathedral and outside.  The interior is remarkably modern in appearance, dramatic columns and arches supporting an all encasing high ceiling.

Now forgive me I am cheating here……  But to see much more of this wonderful Cathedral just click on my link to my original posting from way back in the summer when days were long, hot and sunny.

You may well agree that it is a Cathedral well worth revisiting.

30th December

(C) David Oakes 2018


8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday…. So Off to Church

  1. Good afternoon. What a magnificent church and it’s so nice to see the photos again. Thank you. From a noisy Netherlands as the young men and boys have started to light their fireworks. No, it’s not allowed yet. Only from tomorrow 18.00 untill New Years Night 02.00 hrs. But boys will be boys and they cannot wait. I will stay mostly indoors. Until New Years Day. 😀


    • And all the very best to you and yours Scott. In these strange times family is the only real constant. Scotland should be on out holiday route sometime this year and you know my love of the Moray Coast so maybe we may just meet up. Happy New Year 🙂


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