Silent Sunday…… So Off to Church


Saint Marys Church, Mapleton, Derbyshire

The hamlet of Mapleton overlooks the lower reaches of the River Dove.  It is not very large, a couple of Farms, a few houses, a Pub and one Church.

Likewise the Church is not that big, I guess no more than 20ft wide maybe 70ft long.

I guess it is the Square Tall Tower with its very distinctive double dome that sets it apart.

Saint Marys, as it is named, was only constructed in the early 18th century.  It was of course built on a much earlier site, the previous church had fallen in to severe disrepair, and in 1650 declared unfit for service and abandoned.

Now back to that double dome.  Many will think that they may have seen it elsewhere and they probably have, all be it on a much grander scale. The Architect James Gibbs was given the task of designing the ‘new’ church….and Gibbs had learnt his skills from Sir Christopher Wren. (That is Wren as in the famous Saint Pauls Cathedral, London with its distinctive dome).  James Gibbs also designed the spectacular nave of Derby Cathedral which I featured last Sunday.

Sadly I have never managed to gain entry to Saint Marys, it is kept firmly locked, though there is one service every Sunday.

They say ‘precious things come in small parcels’……. Saint Marys my well be small but important enough to be recognised and given the protection of a Grade II listed building.

3rd February

(C) David Oakes 2019