Well Worth A Closer Look……


If asked to describe a Hyacinth bloom I guess many of us would say ‘big and blousy – rather brash but with a delicate scent’.  Take a closer look and you find a cluster of petals forming individual delicate flower heads….. each a marvel in its own right.

Definitely worth a closer look….and a sniff.

19th February

(C) David Oakes 2019

8 thoughts on “Well Worth A Closer Look……

  1. Lovely. Yes, the scent is great. Although a lot of new ones, 3 bulbs in a pot, hardly have any scent. A week ago I cycled by a country home who sold flowers. I brought a white hyacint – just one bulb with a stalk – home and it beginning to flower. It’s a proper one with a lovely scent. Spring must be coming…


  2. I can smell it from here across the pond! Many many many years ago I was a delivery driver for a wholesale nursery. One time early spring I had to stop and pick up 500 hyacinth plants for Easter. The greenhouses smelled incredible…and so did the truck I was driving!!!


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