On the Thames…..


Henley on Thames

This image takes me back a few years to when we were putting a new boat through its paces.  It was a very smart Dutch Barge called Lagom, luxuriously fitted out inside and handled like a dream.

It wasn’t the best of days for a photoshoot , the Thames here at Henley was running high and fast and the skies overcast.  Luckily we did get the odd break through of sunshine…… but not a bad day for March.  In a few weeks time those empty moorings would be packed tight with boats.   At least we managed to get some good result, so one very satisfied Editor (who was also having lots of fun playing Skipper for the day).

19th March

(C) David Oakes 2019


7 thoughts on “On the Thames…..

  1. I once saw a program on the BBC about people buying a barge and sailing it accross the North Sea to England. Quite an adventure, they claimed. Did you sail the Lagom also all the way from The Netherlands to England? Or was that done by others? These barges are not really made for the sea but for rivers, canals and lakes and even the central lake in our country – formerly an inland sea – is often too wild for such smaller barges.
    I know a growing number of people bought a barge and turned it into a houseboat. But they call them differently: house ships. Here you see a few: https://www.yachtfocus.com/boten-te-koop/categorie/varend-woonschip.html#categories_nl=varend%20woonschip


    • Sorry to disappoint you…..this barge was built entirely in the UK, mainly for travel round the wider Canals and navigable rivers here. But the owners I understand have crossed the channel on several occasions mainly to the French Waterways


  2. WOW, what a nice boat! Sorry, to write more about your boat than your photography. I am not a photographer but I like potting around with boats here at the coast of North Norfolk. Your boat is a beauty, ideal for the Broads here as well. But during the season boats are everywhere in the Broads.
    Actually, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting our blog.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley

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    • You cannot blame folk for wanting to enjoy the beauty of the Broads but like other beauty hot spots the numbers can be overwhelming. Nor do Tourist organisation help. I have in mind the Scottish 500…. what was once a relatively quiet and pleasant tour round the north coast of Scotland has become a major traffic hazard. Nice to see hospitality businesses doing well but I guess the biggest winners are Car Hire and Fuel companies. Unlike the Broads I think this initiative to boost tourism will be short lived. 🙂

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