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Wind Turbines, Derbyshire

Wind Turbines and the multi installation Wind Farms have been a bone of contention since they started to appear in the British Countryside and Coastal waters.  Love them or hate them I guess they are here to stay.  Do they despoil the countryside, well that is again a question of view point.  I think what has appalled some folk, myself included, is the mass concentration in restricted areas.  It reminds me of the mass Conifer forestations that were a planted between the wars.  Trees so close and dense nothing grows beneath, no light penetrates and they become mono cultures of Conifer. Thankfully time and science has shown there is a better way to re-forest the countryside.

Back to Wind Turbines…. well, spread well apart I am not sure that they spoil the countryside, just change the view.  With space between, birds, plants, farm animals and wildlife can go about there business without much danger.  As for the view above…well in centuries gone traditional Windmills were spread across this part of the world, one old stump, without its sails can be seen in the image. Nor is it any wonder that so many projects have been subject to Public Enquires when so many of these ‘farms’ were to be dumped upon vital wild habitat, reducing further our bio-diversity of large areas.

It is my view that so many folk hate windfarms is that our Government just forced them upon us. They relaxed planning restrictions and gave big grants for investors to construct the sites…Investors who by all accounts have walked away when returns were not as great as hyped, but after they got their grants!  Not part of a master plan but a fad.

The Windfarms in Coastal waters are stand alone features. Surely thought and development could have ensure that apart from wind generated electricity, wave power generation could have been incorporated into the location with the same infrastructure used for bringing the power ashore and its distribution. Maybe even the environmental impact could have been helped by creating under water reefs, providing habitat for sea creatures and young fish stocks

Climate Change is very real and life will change for all of us. Nor am I concerned that folk like you, me and our families will fail to respond to the challenges and changes ahead.

What does concern me is that Governments and most certainly the UK Government has so far failed to do any real ‘joined up’ thinking. Main infrastructure programs seem to just stumble from one fad to another. Fossil Fuel replacement hasn’t happened in a substantial way, Nuclear Plants are closing and major new ones that were announced with such hype are stalling. Farming, Housing and Industrial building require a strategic land use plan.  Potential water shortages and the opposite threat of major flooding with rising sea levels and coastal erosion all require a positive programme to address the issues. But these need a coordinated policy not disjointed actions going in different directions.

As for infrastructure, well we have the HS2 High Speed Rail Link.  Set to destroy hundreds of ancient woodlands, vital habitat, along its route. OK! they say they will plant several thousand new trees.  But how do you replace ancient woodland with a new tree? not possible.

New trees yes please, we need them to help the climate change balance but in addition to and not in replacement of.

Following the Climate Messages of this last week I get both annoyed and depressed that Government reaction is to suggest that we the public have to do our bit…so to help us, new restrictions and controls will be introduced. Yet so far I have yet to hear them define what actions they are going to take to secure our collective futures in this changing climate.

And that is my real fear.  It is not what you and I will be doing to make a difference … but what Governments are failing to do.

10th May

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  1. In some ways they seem popular to the municipalities where they are to be found due to revenue income, but there are wild protests from people that have lived on these land for generations! And I can understand wwhy! First of all they are not the prettiest things you may think of, especially if your view of the horizon entiles 50 to 100 of such installations. And they are not silent even if it might look that way. And not without danger to endangered species aomong our birdlife like for instance the sea eagles! And nobody is willing to tell you how many dead ones are picked up each year! The feeling here in Norway is that they should mainly be placed in shallow areas at sea without fishing or tourist induystry . Some legislation ought to be put in place before things get quite out of hand!


    1. Agree with you. I think it is this concentration of turbines, there is no escape from them, a massed array of blades for birds and the increased level of noise is far from encouraging..


    1. Joined up thinking is one thing…..but Government just has to get better at handling major projects. At the moment they are always late and always way over budget. The Emergency Services Communications Network, due for going live this year is now doubtful for 2022 and billions over budget. You cannot manage the future in this way

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      1. Oh, absolutely….but it’s all down to the calibre of people…as I get older, I am always thinking ‘why don’t we have individuals with good brains in these top jobs?’ Grumpy Old Woman!


  2. So True…. Here are my comments on Facebook a few days ago. Although these comments are addressed to our Politicians we must not forget that it is the calibre of Civil Servants we need to high ans also strong enough to stand up to political dogma and pressure.

    “The more you hear our Politicians (of both main Parties) talking about Brexit…and the longer this saga goes on, the more I believe that with the exception of a very very few, none want to make a decision and to resolve the issue. All the talk about ‘in the interest of the Country’ is just hogwash. Time to reach out to others….not a chance. No solution will satisfy any of them and while they prat about playing at politics and pretending to know best, the country is staggering on without a Government. I just wish we could say to ALL of them ‘ON YOUR BIKE’…. don’t collect you expenses on the way out and perhaps donate this last 12 months MP’s salary to one of the many Charities that this Governments cuts have damaged. Yep, please get on your bikes.”


  3. Agree with your thoughts from all three of you. It’s the same worry here when it comes to wind turbines. I cannot see a future in nucleair. It takes over 8 years to build such plants and the technoloy may very well be too old to work with after 8 years. Te progress goes so switft now a days. Also the waste is an enormous problem. Finland has it’s Onkalo for nucleair waiste from Finnish nuclear plants. Onkalo and many more are built to last over 100.000 years. It gives us an idea about the danger the waste still is. Russians are measuring the lands around Tsjernobil only to find the radiation will still be too dangerous.
    Thorium plants are nog here yet, but they too will produce waste that lasts a couple of centuries. Not as bad as the nucleair plants, but even so, it’s not to be put aside as it is a real problem.
    So what then? Solar energy and wind energy. The last need turbines. In front of our coast new turbineparks are built very quickly. All I hope is that they will bear in mind the migrating birds and fish as these turbines do make an awful lot of noise, especially in the water. But we do need to press on with trying to stop CO2 and methane to get into our air. It means to stop using fossile fuels. Like cole and wood.
    Here is my point… on Escape to the country I see people who both want ecofriendly houses and woodburners. Even multifuel burners. I don’t get this. The only fossiel fuel that is really the cleanest of them all, even cleaner that biomas en pellet burners, is natural gas. We all saw the change from burning cole in the house to gas heaters and stoves. The bad smog and dirty air outside changed into quite clean air. So, why not hang on to gas for the time being and find out in the meantime whether there are alternative ways, like hydrogen gas.

    One thing I do not agree with you, David, is that we cannot do anything. Of course, we can. Turn the thermostat 1 or 1½ degrees lower en war a sweater of cardigan instead. Don’t use the bath but take a shower of 5 minutes a day. Use LED lightbulbs and I have changed from gas cooking to electricity (grom a green provider) so I will not use too much. Also, when doing the daily or weekly shopping, try not to buy stuff in plastic. When possible, avoid that. En when your shops are close by, walk, or cycle. This is mostly good advice for healthy younger people, or course. 🙂
    And when possible, use public transport instead of a car. On the motorways we see millions of cars with just the one person in it. So we can be of importance. Thing is, are we gong to do it? It’s not always easy. Found that out. Best wishes everybody and a lovely weekend from Lydia

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    1. Thanks for your comments… In our country I now worry about the growth of Solar Farms. Vast acres of ground covered in panels. Yet we are told we need to grow more food…where when we take out such big areas of land for solar. Like you I do at time stumble over the aims of some conservationists, intent on a way of life but ignoring the effects of what they do. The trouble is many adopt extreme views and forget for anything to be a success it needs to take everyone (well as many as possible) along with process

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      1. Same here, David. They are now thinking about Solar Panels on floating islands in our inland sea. I like the ideas but we keep forgetting that the power plants aren’t ready yet. Takes several years before all this wind and solar energy can really be used. Only your own solar panels will help. Not the ones meant for whole villages and suburbs.
        I am curious as what will come next. Hydrogen gas seems to be the next one.


  4. Unfortunately, wind farms work best in migration flyways and animals are impacted, especially bats. If extra money is spent, which usually is not, they could at least use bird safe versions of wind turbines. Wind, water and solar energy is the way to go. Down with fossil fuel!

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  5. This is pretty scary Mr Oakes, I hadn’t seen your post until after I had posted mine but I think something is connecting Derbyshire and the Highlands, Just Saying


      1. Now for your post, I choose not to respond last night as I had a dram and the environment/politics is divisive at the best of times. It is a fantastic blog, post and it has generated passion and discussion. So here is my tuppence worth.

        We need energy to survive and one thing is certain we cant keep using fossil fuels. The other thing we cant do is be beholden to Russian Oligarchs. I realise wind turbines are not to everyone’s choice but I don’t see we have much choice. Future energy needs will be accommodated via a mixed energy policy, Wind, Solar, Hydro hopefully wave etc (if we properly invest in it). Nuclear is clean to use but once it is life’d out what then? (Dounraey and the nuclear submarines sitting at Rosyth a case in point) not to mention the security risks. Do you remember the objections when entire Glens were flooded farmers/small hamlets etc were evicted to facilitate Hydro Electricity? Possibly not, as the reporting was different and environmental knowledge was provided from one source – the government – now Hydro is widely regarded as about as green as you get – they even recycle the water. Ironically hydro Glens like Glen Affric e.g. is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s most beautiful spots.

        Wind in the UK has to be used as it acquired as we have no means for storage (unlike the Norwegians – who have surplus capacity) there is talk of a pipeline between Scotland and Norway to store our wind power and recall energy as demand requires. In the last few Months Moray (where I live) have just connected a pipeline across the Moray Firth from Caithness to share Wind energy to the Aberdeenshire, Moray from Caithness. Technology is there it has been for years but the economy has to move gently away from Oil n Gas as so much money is wrapped up in these old economies. As for the visual impact of wind turbines that is very like photography entirely subjective. I think Electricity Pylons are a far greater blot on the landscape – truly ugly view killers but necessary.

        As for food – that is an easy solution we become plant eaters which significantly reduces our footprint ( meat eating takes a lot of land feed for the animals etc etc) – I discovered this when moving to a plant based diet due to High Blood pressure – never felt better.

        In summary the solutions are there – but it needs drastic collective global changes to deal with energy, food and water and the large powerful corporations hold governments to ransom – the public must do its bit but not though minor disconnected habit changes but by forcing legislation to drive behaviours e.g. too ensure all packaging is recyclable not just some. I am proud of the way the Scottish Government has pursued Renewable Energy – here is their aim and I quote

        “Renewable and low carbon energy will provide the foundation of our future energy system, offering Scotland a huge opportunity for economic and industrial growth.

        We are promoting and exploring the potential of Scotland’s renewable energy resource and its ability to meet our local and national heat, transport and electricity needs, while also contributing to meeting our ambitious emissions reduction targets.

        By 2030 we aim to generate 50% of Scotland’s overall energy consumption from renewable sources, and by 2050 we aim to have decarbonised our energy system almost completely. ” end of quote – big dreams but you have to start somewhere.

        My Open University Degree is in Human Geography I have diploma’s in Environment and Development and like all your contributors I am very passionate about our environment but it is depressing to watch our stewardship of it.

        As you say David joined up thinking is required… just not sure that is possible too many interests to try and balance. The rich are getting richer, poverty and food banks are on the increase, we have destroyed 60% of animal populations since 1970 apparently. We are all addicted to something (gambling, drink, drugs). I fear for our children – I really do – an emotive rant but that is the environment for you. Balance and respect for each other and the environment is badly needed

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        1. I tried not to be too emotive on the topic because I too fear for my grandchildren and now great grandchildren. I am truthfully very upset about the current political ramblings on Brexit…what are they doing? are they deliberately trying to destroy the UK? Without over stating the way I feel, for the first time in my life I feel hopeless, helpless and do get genuine waves of depression when reading and listening to the news… takes a while to shake myself out of those doldrums.

          I am not opposed to wind power, it has to have its place in the mix. My grip is that it was get rich schemes that led to so many windfarms being built in England, cramming the turbines in. That is why I used the comparison to the mid war forestation programmes, single specie, crammed together, mono cultures with no light to stimulate growth beneath. In Nottingham they now have an estate where solar power is the primary source of energy, nothing new in that, but they have also built a series of batteries to store the energy at peak production times and to release it back at night. Seems to be working and they are not big installations.

          The difficulties of Hydro construction I guess was no different to the giant Reservoir schemes with land, farms and homes…whole villages just swallowed up for another much needed commodity.

          When we lived in Dundee, Scottish Hydro bragged that it was producing over 60% of Scotland’s energy needs at a time of intense industrial energy usage, but then it seemed to fall out of favour? Not sure why.

          Then we have wave power. We have avoided going down that route….mainly in my view, that again it has been big massive schemes that have been proposed, yet smaller local initiatives have been tried and seem to work and fit in well with the environment.

          Westminster under this Tory Government has withdrawn many environmental schemes yet chases galmour schemes that are high energy users. But the problem goes further than that they duck their responsibilities, pushing the ball down the line to Local Government, making them responsible for Society issues from housing, social care, health to crime and at the same time removing funding. Charities, that Cameron, in the BIG SOCIETY said should take the strain, have suffered lose of funding and can no longer provide adequate support to Local Councils.

          Nor can we do it alone, it has to be a globe issue….. but not much hope of that with Trump in the Whitehouse. Add the Putin issue and Russian pipelines and we are rather stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          I could go on but will only feel more frustrated and worried for the future. We can all do our bit…but we really do need Governments to take up the challenge to solve the big issues.

          Rant over 🙂

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          1. You should be frustrated David, the environment has never been a priority. Shareholders dividends on the other hand are a priority. I used to buy the fact that we required those key businesses to make money for our economy and they would provide jobs and the money would roll back in to the system from local spending etc. However in practice it appears a lot of the generated wealth end up getting divided amongst those that dont truly need it.

            I had actually written another paragraph but then I realised it is Saturday night lol and we could still be typing on Monday and no further forward.

            Funny story but sad at the same time, I shot the house of a 28 year old that was selling his first house. I realised that when he left school he walked straight in to the banking crises – 10 years later hes trying to get a bigger house as he now has family and he trying to sell during Brexit – this chap has never witnessed any good financial times. Happy weekend David


          2. No shame in making money… The difference today is simply greed, there was a time when the individuals who owned these big companies were generous benefactors…. Here in Derby without thinking I can name more than a dozen buildings, hospitals, schools and the very first public park donated by wealthy industrialist. All they asked was the name above the door…. personal interest no doubt but the community gained and continues to benefit. What has Reese Mogg done apart from cause chaos and increase his billions… Oh and buy himself another Top Hat. Weather’s looking up so Sunday should be good 😊👍


  6. No, there was another one. I’ve let it go. All done according the rules and suddenly the site goes way back on the beginning of this topic. Reaction’s gone. Even internet had its ups and downs.

    In most developed countries wind turbines and solar panels are placed. Stop eating to much meat. Stop injecting the land with slush from poo and pee from cows. The old way was the best. Use the poo and straw as that’s the best. Look at the fiels with only quick growing grasses so farmer can mow every month and a half. No herbs, ni insects, no cows or sheep or horses. just deserts with quick growing grass. Mind you, alsno no insects undergroud and no worms/ That means no meadowbirds like lapwings etc. Birds die of hunger. Consequently animals that pay on them will have to try something else and in the end they too will move away of even die.
    The future will be one of people fertilizing flowers with a little brush because the bees and other insects will nog be there anymore.
    But we must do much more and that’s where people in my country drew the line. They are stopping to believe it’s also our fault. We need to convince them that we all, ALL humans, are ruining our eco system called Mother Earth.


  7. Here in Canada, our government keeps saying ‘Climate Change is Real’, and they drag out fires and floods and a few other such weather events as proof. Sadly, it is all hype so that they can impose a carbon tax (which is really just wealth redistribution). Actual statistics of all these events show that historically these haven’t changed in frequency or magnitude. What has changed is the net cost of the events because people have built on flood plains, or forests have been allowed to become too dense because we haven’t let them burn out the underbrush now and then.

    Canada discharges 1.63% of the world’s GHG emissions. The UK is only 1.2%. Either of our countries could completely stop all GHG emissions, and it would not make a difference to ‘Climate Change’. (GHG emissions are not the same as pollution emissions.)

    What we do need to keep doing is reduce pollution and protect species, and it needs to be done on the basis of something besides the hysterics of people who trot out weather events and claim them to be ‘Climate Change’.

    What we do need are people who are skeptical and do not make decisions based on the ‘blame and shame’ culture that has taken over rational, practical thought.

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    1. Your post illustrate the real difference in natural events and the blame game starts…. they are shouted about as proof of climate change. Yet they keep building on flood plains even months after that land was flooded. So much that could be done is pretty basic common sense, we don’t need expensive time delaying science studies that delay decision making…. lets just get on with it. I believe most folk have got the message, shame our Politicians haven’t. Sorry…they have – they adopted low emission cars for their ministerial
      limousines !!


  8. One of the heated issues underlying greenhouse theory is whether space is hot or cold.

    It is neither.

    By definition and application temperature is a relative measurement of the molecular kinetic energy in a substance, i.e. solid, liquid, gas. No molecules (vacuum), no temperature. No kinetic energy (absolute zero), no temperature. In the vacuum of space the terms temperature, hot, cold are meaningless, like dividing by zero, undefined.

    However, any molecular substance capable of kinetic energy (ISS, space walker, satellite, moon, earth) placed in the energetic radiative pathway of the spherical expanding solar photonic gas at the earth’s average orbital distance will be heated per the S-B equation to an equilibrium temperature of: 1,368 W/m^2 = 394 K, 121 C, 250 F.

    Like a blanket held up between a camper and campfire the atmosphere reduces the amount of solar energy heating the terrestrial system and cools the earth compared to no atmosphere.

    This intuitively obvious and calculated scientific reality refutes the greenhouse theory that has the atmosphere warming the earth and no atmosphere producing a frozen ice ball at -430 F.

    No greenhouse effect, no CO2 global warming, no man caused nor cured climate change.


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