Windows in Bergen…. Lens Artist Widow Challenge (79)


Windows in Bergen’s, Hanseatic Quarter, Norway.

Some fun with Lens Artist Window Challenge  79.

The link to the Challenge is here:-

13th January

(C) David Oakes 2020

8 thoughts on “Windows in Bergen…. Lens Artist Widow Challenge (79)

    • Yep…NO rain. I have been to Bergen on 3 occasions and it has always been good weather. On this particular June day it was also very hot. We had lunch at a table outside at a very busy restaurant. A mother and her teenage daughter asked if they could share the table. They lived just outside Bergen. As part of the conversation I asked the daughter about her studies and if term had finished. The mother answer no, we are playing hooky for the day… summer is so rare here that we simply just had to enjoy the day…after all tomorrow it will most likely be raining (we travelled on the evening so cannot confirm if it did) 🙂


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