It is a Knotty Problem…..


Well here we are….. a World trying to deal with Coronavirus  ( Covid -19 ).  Everyone an expert and yet so many varying actions  have been taken try to try and deal with the issue.

Most of us are on the touchline, waiting to see just how things develop.  We watch the Politicians grappling with decision making,  knowing that whatever they do their decisions may well rebound upon them.  Then we have the Health Experts advising the Politicians insisting that they are being guided by the ‘Science’ and facts. Advise that seems to be very different country by country.  Does anyone really know!

And then we have the Medical Staff on the front line battling to keep up with winters illnesses and now these new threats.  Folk who go into work everyday, folk who have been battling financial constraints over a good number of years, voicing concerns that were unheeded.  Those missing resources are now much needed.  Resources that unlike a light bulb cannot be turned on at the flick of a switch.

Whatever the next few months may have instore for us all, we do know that there is no quick-fix,  that there are bound to be some serious loser’s ….but also that there will be no winners.

10th March

(C) David Oakes 2020

8 thoughts on “It is a Knotty Problem…..

  1. It seems that the politicians all over Europe have had large problems accepting the enormity of the Corona threat, thus most travel restrictions have been put into place at least one month too late! In Norway it seems that at least
    90% of our Corona attacks may be traced back to Northern Italy and even 48 hours ago planes returned from that
    particular part of Europe. Vaccation seems to outweigh any risk? And when people refuse to understand, we need strong politicians to tell us what we just cannot do! Now it is getting pretty late!


  2. It is truly a global problem David and we are all trying to make sense of it. Maybe there will be a silver lining beneath the cloud where we stop and think about all the things (and people) that we take for granted. We start to care more about the people around us and want to protect their well being. Perhaps it is the one thing that will unite the diverse countries being impacted by it.


    1. It does rather bring a lot of personal and political issues to the front of our thoughts and maybe just we learn from the experience. But something tells me that once this is over normal service and hostilities will return….. we never seem to learn

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