Moody Monday…… Cabin Fever


For the very first time in my life I am starting to get to know what the early signs of  Cabin Fever could be like.

From Autumn last year, this Winter has been consistently wet and windy, dark grey monochrome days.  Then  just the occasional sunny day to give you hope that one day Spring will arrive.  OK, I am not cabin bound. I am still able to venture out each day (Buster ensures we go for walkies daily) but it’s that routine of fleece, heavy duty waterproofs and boots that seems to make the daily ventures out a task to be endured. I also know that there are many who have to endure much worse…. but I now do appreciate that SAD can be a real problem for many.

Floods have not directly effect us,  for many nearby it has been a disaster, the worst floods recorded… for us it was just an inconvenience in any journey we had to make by seeking alternative route.  It just adds to that  feeling of restrictions.

Nor can we suggest that Winter was what we once considered normal.  No snow and only the occasional morning light frost.  Just wet, windy and grey.

The bad weather has also prevented any brief relief such as venturing into the garden just to potter about and tackle those tidying up jobs prior to the new Spring growing season, so no respite there.

Then just as we think Spring and brighter weather will be on the way we have the possibilities of movement restrictions.  Coronavirus pops up.  So far that is not an issue of direct imminent concern here but situations can change very quickly.

But to finish on a brighter note this morning is sunny so we are heading out to stretch our legs….. and here is a bright bit of early morning sunshine hiding in a corner of our garden…


Best be quick as the Met Office say another storm is due tonight.

9th March

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7 thoughts on “Moody Monday…… Cabin Fever

  1. You are certaily putting your finger on the spot, David, and yes – our world is about to change drastically in the very
    near future. And you (as me) are the ones that will face up to this sneak attack from something so small that there is actually no defence?! But – looking beyond the threats of the Corona – our world is changing to the worse in more ways than one and personally I don’t much fancy the way things are going. Is this what we have worked for?
    But one thing I can say: I’m really happy with my age these days! I’m pretty sure you are too?
    So whatever happens, so be it! It is really no problem of mine any more. It’s been a rather good life all compared!
    And if Mr Corona finds my door one of these days, there really isn’t all that much he can take away . . .
    (Not my problem?! )


    1. Hi Sven, I am not going to throw the towel in that quickly should Mr. Corona arrive on my doorstep. But as for change well that is, I agree and fear, inevitable. But right now all I want is a period of constantly improving spring weather and daylight and fresh air that we can enjoy……. we have had too many wet grey days.


  2. And that you shall have – surely! But something is about to change! In Norway we have had the warmest winter in 150 years! That ought to tell you something? And nearly every place here in Norway where temperatures are measured, they have registered ‘temperature records’ for the season!
    And no, I’m not giving in to Mr Corona 🙂 but our authorities are way to lenient with this ‘guy’ and aree now paying the price!


  3. How nice to see the lovely yellow! I can’t wait for color to come back into our lives…I do need to buy steel-toed boots for gardening this year though. I dropped an extremely heavy pot filled with frozen soil in it and broke my toe…bruised the rest of them and the top of my foot. So now on top of the grey and gloomy weather here, I have to hobble around when I DO get to make a short run to the grocery store. We are doing some self-distancing in our household and only go out when need be. Stay safe from the virus! Wishing you more sunshine and pleasant weather!

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