Silent Sunday….. So Off to Church


Melrose Abbey, The Scottish Borders

In one of the most beautiful of settings, close to the River Tweed and in the shadow of the Eildon Hills, Melrose Abbey is  right in the centre of the Scottish town of Melrose.

Saint Mary’s Abbey, is the full name of this Cistercian Monastery, built on the instruction of King David I of Scotland around 1136.

It may well be a ruin, but exploring these skeletons of ecclesiastic buildings, it is apparent that there is much more of the Abbey in outline than remaining.  None the less you soon recognise just how big and complex the construction once was.

Being located so prominently in the Scottish Borders, Melrose Abbey was subject to much abuse.  The 1500’s were difficult and violent times.  Battles between the English and the Scots were just the start.  Then bombardments by Oliver Cromwell’s forces in the English Civil Wars was perhaps the final straw.

The Abbey on its own is worth a visit, but the surrounds of this part of the Border region of Scotland is a joy on its own.

Please remember….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other 

12th April

(C) David Oakes 2020


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