It is getting Darker (well just a bit)……


It will not be long before these woods will be very dark under their canopy of leaves.  It will be so dark that even the long shadows from the sun will not penetrate….. at the moment the leaves are boasting their spring green colours.



It is Bluebell time.  I not sure we are going to have as many mass displays this season.  If we are they better get a move on,  they rely upon reaching for the sky to grow….once the tree cover is complete the Bluebells will wither away till next year.


It has been another lovely day…..  lots of sunshine, a cool breeze but perfect for the morning potter into the Park.  I do detect that we are moving from early spring to the spring that precedes the start of summer….. there is a distinctly different feel to the atmosphere.

There was though a very rare sighting over Derby…..


A con trail cutting through the clear blue dawn.  It has been a joy to have clear skyways. It also seems so strange to find the Car Park empty, again just think of the pollution drop.


So I guess this lockdown is having some benefits in addition to health and safety.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

15th April

(C) David Oakes 2020

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        1. and body….a good walk everyday so far but missing the proper leg stretch across the moors and further afield….but they will all be there when this is over (though I think that is going to be a long long way off) 🙂

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