When is a Castle not a Castle ?



Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburghshire,  The Sottish Borders

High above the famous River Tweed, on the fringe of the Scottish Border town of Kelso, stands the rather fine Scottish Floors Castle. It is an imposing building in an equally imposing location of gardens and a wider Country Estate.

But this is not a traditional Scottish Castle.  Built in 1721, for the 1st Duke of Roxburghe, to a design by the architect William Adam, it was in fact  designed as a rather fine ‘Country House’.  Those castle like features of Turrets and Battlements were added later in the 19th century., but it was never designed as a fortress.  No matter it is still a rather grand building.  Today I am told that Floors Castle is the largest inhabited ‘castle’ in Scotland.   It is also the  family home of the  11th Duke of Roxburghe.

The name Floors is rather intriguing.  I was told of two possible meanings.  Floors being the adaption of the French word  Fleurs  or flowers.  Todays  magnificent gardens would be a fitting tribute to that name.   The other possibility is the interpretation that Floors means Terraces, and Floors Castle is certainly built on  a high terrace above the Tweed.

The Scottish Borders are rich in history.  Nor can you travel far without tripping over a Castle or Abbey all in great scenery.  All well worth exploring …. if you do take a tour put Floors Castle on the top of your list.

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