White on Wight…..


The Needles on the south west tip of the Isle of Wight…. a line of dazzling white rocks, jutting out into the South Channel of the Hampshire Solent where it meets the English Channel.  Hazardous rocks and hazardous currents for sailors over the centuries.  The Needles an important navigation warning even before the lighthouse at the tip of the Needles was erected .What you cannot see are the wartime gun emplacements built into the rocks below to guard the important port of Southampton.  Today a beautiful dramatic location.

Then you turn and look in the opposite direction and you get another special view of the tranquil Alum Bay.  Alum Bay is also popular tourist attraction, the cliffs and beach are famous for its multi coloured sands.

I.O.W Alum-Bay

The Isle of Wight is rather special.  Its natural beauty and location here on the south coast of England, in the English Channel, is very special.  But that location is exposed, and over the centuries it has acted as both an observation point and has played various defensive roles.  The Island is also reputed to have its own microclimate.  Extra beautiful on a calm sunny day but can also be exposed to extremes of the weather.

I will try to bring some other Isle of Wight Memories over the coming months….  might brighten up those dark days heading our way over the winter months.

As it is Sunday tomorrow, why not pay an early visit to Church.  Here is a link to a very special Island Church which you might enjoy (and maybe remember) :-


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

3rd October

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    1. Too expensive for me ! If you are serious there are lots of letting agencies on the Island. As a visitor there is lots to see and do for such a small location (but it can and does get busy). Lots of second homes as despite being an Island it is easy to get to

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      1. Actually, I was just giving a fond nod to Lennon & McCartney, from When I’m 64:
        “Every summer we could rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear
        We shall scrimp and save”


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